Mental Training

Golf mental training at the Sonnenhof

In golf, all players, independent of how good or bad they are and independent of what the strength of their game is, are plagued with the same problem. Trepidation and superfluous thoughts in their minds change the muscular tension of the swing and, correspondingly, the result.

Metal golf course in the region of Allgäu

Winning is a matter of the mind - losing, too!

It is not everyone’s ambition to have a single handicap; however, all golfers are united in their love of the game, the exercise in the open air and the possibility of escaping from the stress of daily routine.

This passion can quickly be clouded by pressure, negative experience and fear.
However, training can bring on a positive flow.

In this, it is the case of achieving equilibrium in demands and skills. The ideal performance situation results from self assuredness, pleasure, success, focussing and one’s own targets and control.

Your advantages:

  • Become stronger mentally                          
  • Train “right” - using your head
  • Become calmer, more constant, better
  • Bring more composure and safety into your game
  • Perfect preparation for tournaments


For more information and booking contact +49 8247 / 959 - 550

Only available in conjunction with a stay at the Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof.