Barefoot path 
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Barefoot path at the Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof

Beginning on the doorstep of the Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof the barefoot trail winds approximately 1.5 kilometres through the spa gardens in Bad Wörishofen. Walking without shoes would appear at first glance to be difficult to visualize but the positive effects on health, the fun factor and memories of a lighthearted childhood are more than sufficient reason to try it out.

Childhood memories come to life in the spa gardens of Bad Wörishofen

Let us start by saying: cold feet are no excuse!

Walking barefoot is even a sustainable method of actively combating cold feet.
And even if your feet quickly become cold, walking barefoot in the park is absolutely no problem. Have you ever asked yourself why you have cold feet? It is often the result of poor circulation.

Walking barefoot heightens blood circulation, invigorates the ciculatory system and strengthens the toughening effect of the immune system. 150 years ago Sebastian Kneipp was aware of these effects. For him walking barefoot was an elementary component part of a holistic and healthy way of life.

From an orthopaedic standpoint, walking barefoot is also highly recommendable. Physical or psychic disturbances in the locomotor system can be alleviated as the muscles of the foot are deliberately strengthened by walking barefoot. This can then act in a much better manner as shock absorber and distinctly relieve the spinal column.

Walking barefoot is especially important for the children’s development as, from the early days of childhood  the sensorial development of coordination of the whole body is promoted. However,  elderly people can also benefit as an improved sensomotoric condition leads to a reduction in the risk of having a fall.

Walking barefoot for your wellbeing

Many other complaints involving the feet can also be alleviated by simply walking barefoot. Day by day the modern man or woman forces the feet into more or less comfortable shoes. There is no need to discuss the necessity of the shoe as such. Business partners in a business meeting without shoes? Inconceivable! And the protective function of the shoe is undisputed. In short: in our everday life shoes are simply indispensible. But for reasons of convenience we would appear to have forgotten walking barefoot.

Thus it is even more important to stem oneself against this trend in leisure and on holiday. The barefoot path in the spa gardens offers the perfect framework for walking barefoot with the feeling of being fully liberated. For your orientation simply follow the stone footprints. These will lead you through the different ground types such as gravel, sand, clay, stones, and natural forest and meadow soils, passing scented roses and herbs to a total of 23 different adventure stations. Here, for example, the tactile sense of the feet are put on trial or, in the sand, memories of the last walks on the beach brought back to life. In the large labyrinth the guest will experience natural foot reflexology, when the soles of the feet are stimulated by the different materials.

From the first days of spring deep into autumn, as long as the temperature is above freezing point, walking barefoot is possible and forms the perfect exercise for strengthening the immune system. And what could be more pleasant after an extensive walk than to warm yourself in front of the fireside with a cup of hot tea or a visit to the sauna.

In addition to all of the health-promoting aspects of walking barefoot one thing may not be forgotten:

It is a lot of fun!

The pleasure to be found in walking barefoot takes you back to the happy days of your childhood, days on which you ran happily through lush meadows. So: off with the shoes and let’s go!

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