Fugger City Augsburg


Fugger City Augsburg

Augsburg presents the perfect combination of history and presence.

2.000 Years of History

In the course of 2000 years a townscape has been created containing a share of all of the major stylistic epochs. Spacious streets, monumental fountains and representative public buildings are evidence of the global thinking and planning of the inhabitants of the city.

A cultural highlight was reached in the renaissance when Augsburg was a center of architecture, music and painting. The remembrance of famous citizens of Augsburg such as Brecht and Mozart is awarded intensive care to this date. The roots of the Fuggers are to be found throughout the whole region and, in particular, in the Fuggerei which can be visited on paying an entry fee. It was once founded as the oldest social housing complex in the world for needy citizens of Augsburg and those who suffered hardship through no fault of their own.

A visit to the Augsburger Puppenkiste (The Augsburg Puppet Chest) is a highlight not only for children. Prior ticket reservation is necessary. The Augsburg zoo is also a worthwhile place to visit for both young and old  (www.augsburg.de)

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