Kneipp City 
 of Bad W√∂rishofen

Kneipp City of Bad Wörishofen

Bad Wörishofen lies approximately 75 km west of Munich in the alpine foothills of the Allgäu. In a city concerned with health, the legacy of Sebastian Kneipp (1821 - 1897) is omnipresent. Since the priest’s lifetime he has exercised a sustainable effect on the city so that it has become possible for the city to develop into a lively and open spa in which the works of Kneipp have been held very much alive and practiced for 150 years.

Bad Wörishofen - the origin of the Kneipp cure

There are many Kneipp health resorts but only one original, namely Bad Wörishofen. It was here that Sebastian Kneipp developed his therapy and his ideas of a holistic way of life. No other place has gathered more competence in the field of natural medicine a field in which the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp are to be found.

It is often so that the teachings of Kneipp are reduced merely to the act of Kneipp water treading. However, they are far more complex and are to be understood as a holistic naturopathic treatment. “Everything that we need to remain healthy, we have as a gift from nature”, a well-known quotation from Sebastian Kneipp. He defines 5 pillars which lead to health and holistic wellbeing:

  • Water cure treatment
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Medicinal plants
  • Balance

His target is an increase in the quality of life and vitality for the whole body. The effect of Kneippism or, as a whole, a Kneipp cure, has long been medically proven and natural medicine is no longer a relic of a romantic past, but instead perhaps the way to modern medicine as described e.g. by the Head of the University Outpatient Clinic for Natural Medicine in Berlin,  Prof. Dr. Benno Brinkhaus.

The Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof feels obliged to continue Kneipp’s ideas and has accepted this legacy. Only the best trained personnel such as Kneipp master bathing attendants carry out Kneipp treatment. All 5 pillars of the Kneipp theory are practiced at the highest level and in an exclusive ambience.

Es muss nicht gleich die 3-wöchige Kneipp-Kur sein, um den Idealen Kneipps It must not always be the full 3-week Kneipp cure in order to comply with the ideals of Kneipp. The barefoot path through the spa gardens is completely sufficient for the guest to gain initial experience in Kneippism and to approach the subject with ease.

Kneippism captures the spirit of the times in regard to a health-conscious life and Bad Wörishofen as a a city of health has adopted the trend fully.

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