Türkheim Palace

In only 15 minutes from the Sonnenhof you will have reached Türkheim Palace which is directly in the city centre of Türkheim. The town hall and the museum of local history have been located in the great palacee since 1983.

Historical insights into Türkheim

The history of the palace in Türkheim

In 1371 after Schwabegg Castle west of Schwabmünchen was destroyed, Türkheim took over the role of the main seat of the commanders of Türkheim. Wolf Dietrich von Knöringen, pawnee of the dominion had the Great Palace of Türkheim built in the period from 1532 to 1535.

The ruinous palace was converted in the period from 1682 to 1686 for Duke Maximilian Philipp and his wife Mauritia Febronia, née Countess of Bouillon and an attractive baroque palace garden was added.

Türkheim Palace was given its current appearance in 1754 - 1757.
On the east side in the gable end there is a fresco of the Alliance Arms of Bavaria/Bouillon.

Small Palace in Türkheim in the Allgäu

The Small Palace of Türkheim was built in 1695 on order of the Duchess Maritia Febronia. From 1988 to 1998 the small palace was renovated and now harbours the palace café. Annual art exhibitions of the Türkheim promotional society are held in the historical rooms.

Directly on the other side of the street there is the Loreto Chapel. The small palace and the Loreto Chapel are connected to one another by a pathway which leads across the main street. In 1829 this path was converted to a triumphal arch on the occasion of the visit by King Ludwig I.

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