Petit Plaisir - French bistro & brasserie

From Brittany to Alsace, from Calais to Marseille. The Petit Plaisir at the Sonnenhof will delight your taste buds with delicacies from the French cuisine. Vintage French wines and an exceptional atmosphere round off your gourmet experience.

French brasserie in Bad Wörishofen

Une brasserie exceptionelle in Bad Wörishofen

L'appétit vient en mangeant. - Appetite develops when eating or, in the case of the new brasserie "Petit Plaisir" at the Sonnenhof, as early as a glance through the glass wine rack with a view of the stylish modern ambience of the French restaurant. Enjoy a breath of France in Bad Wörishofen. Enjoy the taste of the French cuisine on a culinary trip through the various regions of our neighboring country combined with the pleasure of a glass or bottle of selected French wine. The unique synthesis of brasserie and bistro in the Petit Plaisir in Bad Wörishofen not only extends an invitation to dine but also offers a separate comfortable lounge area for a relaxing glass of wine with friends in front of an open fire.

Opening hours:

Monday through Sunday:
6.00 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Please note that opening hours may vary during the Festival der Nationen from September 23rd to October 4th, 2022.

Menu Petit Plaisir
from July 3rd, 2022
from September 20th, 2022