Culinary Extras


Culinary Extras

You can find the right place for every taste in our three restaurants. Our kitchen team provides a modern, creative cuisine of the highest standard and skillfully combines innovation and tradition. Crispy vegetables, tender organic beef, aromatic, fragrant herbs - we process exclusively high quality, freshly harvested products of premium tested quality which, wherever possible, we obtain from regional producers.

Our culinary extras will add attraction to your visit in a completely individual form.

"Culinary Trip" (can be booked for from 2 night’s stay)

Regional, rustic or Euro-Asian, tantalizingly light? What initially sounds so different unifies two factors: excellent quality and an unbelievably delicious presentation of the dishes. Take off on a culinary trip from Bavaria to the heart of Asia.

  • 1 x your favorite cocktail at the Hotel Bar 
  • 1 x 2-course menu in the König Ludwig Lounge
  • 1 x 3-course Kozara menu in the CALLA  

€ 119.00