Make a gift of a hotel voucher

Would you like to make a good acquaintance, a relative, a friend a very special gift? With a voucher from the Sonnenhof you make a gift of not only a holiday, but also pleasure and wellbeing!

Categories of Vouchers

Individuelle Wertgutscheine

Individual monetary voucher

To the voucher
Day Spa

Day Spa voucher

To the vouchers

Cuisine voucher

To the vouchers

You will receive your voucher in a few minutes.
And it is that easy:

  1. Click on the link "to the vouchers"
  2. You decide the value resp. the number of the voucher(s).           
  3. Give the voucher a personal dedication.
  4. Then you can pay the voucher by prepayment or directly online via credit card.
  5. After successful payment you will receive the voucher within a few minutes via e-mail (Important: provide a valid e-mail address!) or optionally by post.                                       
  6. For delivery via e-mail you can print your voucher directly from your printer and give it away immediately.