Health & Kneipp

Couple enjoying a Kneipp treatment

Health at its Best

"Those who have no time to take care of their health will need a great deal of time for their illnesses later in life.“ Sebastian Kneipp

Holiday for your health in Bad Wörishofen

Make use of the power of water for a healthy life in harmony with nature: through active prevention and activation of self-healing powers with the wonderful side effect of stress resistance and healthy disposition. 

In the scope of our Kneipp trial week (with the option of an extension week) you can experience the effect of the Kneipp doctrine. And, you decide when you wish to do this.

Extras "Health & Kneipp" (can be booked for from 2 night’s stay)

The natural supplement to conventional medicine.

  • 1 x examination by a medical specialist at the beginning of your stay
  • 1 x compilation of your individual spa plan, including the Kneipp applications ordered by the physician on five days
  • 2 x partial massages
  • water gymnastics, gymnastics and sports program

€ 350.00

"Kneipp extension week"

Add a further week to your refreshing treatment.

€ 325.00