Fascia training


Fascia training at the Sonnenhof

Fasciae surround each muscle, each bone and each organ of the body. If this muscular connective tissue is not afforded appropriate care, the fasciae become brittle, adhere and cause pain and are subject to injury. Backache is often the result.

Strengthening fasciae

Regular fascia training regenerates your fasciae and provides you with more élan in daily life. Trained, elastic fasciae supply your body with nutrients, can absorb more energy and transfer power to the joints and muscles in a much better manner. The connective tissue in problem areas becomes perceptibly firmer and tauter. Let us help you to get off to a good start!

Fascia Massage

  • 1 Fascia treatment session (60 mins.)

€ 105.00 per person

Our SPA reception will be pleased to provide you with further information. Simply call us at +49 8247 959 595 or contact us by mail at spa@spahotel-sonnenhof.de.