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Medical spa at the 5-star superior hotel Der Sonnenhof

Consult a doctor on holiday? As guest at the Sonnenhof you can look forward to a 5-star consultation and treatment from top physicians in the neighbouring “Villa Belvedere” and in the town. Including preference in making an appointment

Wellness & health in the medical spa in Bavaria

Medical Spa forms the bridge between wellness and health. It combines modern medical therapeutic services with vitalizing, relaxation measures and sporting leisure activities. The balance of body, spirit and soul is supported in holistic form and the feeling of wellbeing intensified. The self-healing properties of your body are strengthened; you rebuild your energy levels and gain healthy defences to combat the burdens of daily life.

Our therapists apply the full spectrum of classical methods in order to support and strengthen the skeletal and locomotor system, to lessen tension and loosen deeply rooted blockades: from the soothing neck and shoulder massage to the intensive full-body massage, from the gentle chirotherapeutic treatment to planned medical gymnastic exercises.

Make use of your well-earned time off with us to recover and gain new energy under the specialized medical supervision of our physicians and therapists. Based on the intensive introductory examinations our highly qualified team develops the optimum path together with you, one which enables you to leave the strains of daily life far behind you.

The Kneipp philosophy as a holistic approach can also help you to improve your feeling of wellbeing.

We will be pleased to advise you and plan your own personal wellness program together with you. Just give us a call: +49 8247 959  595