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Physicians & Therapists in your Convalescence Holiday in Bavaria

From orthopedists via the ophthalmologist, who also carries out eye and eyelid correction, to implantologists, you will find specialists in every field. We will be happy to organize your appointments for you. Our Sonnenhof therapists work hand in hand with the specialists. Should you wish they will exchange views, for example, in recommending further treatment with medical gymnastics, manual therapy or lymph drainage in our spa sector.

List of physicians

In the private medical care centre, Villa Belvedere, located directly opposite the Sonnenhof, you will find specialists in the following specialized fields:

Dr. med. Claus Keller

Your specialist for all illnesses of the locomotor system, who works closely together with the specialist for osteoporosis, Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Bartl, München-Grohadern (LMU) and the endocrinologist, Dr. Andreas Weigel, Augsburg.

Orthopaedics, rheumatology, sports medicine, chirotherapy, acupuncture

Dr. med. Franz Heller

Careful anamnesis and analysis of the often complicated symptoms of neurological illnesses, of disturbances in balance via chronic insomnia through to dementia illnesses and the early recognition of the symptoms.


Dr. med. David Reinhardt

Here, you can find a wide therapeutic and diagnostic spectrum for reinstating your sense of wellbeing: examination with digital volume tomography (DVT) as well as in the outpatient sleep laboratory (your own hotel room), tinnitus and diagnosis of vertigo, diagnosis and treatment of allergies, hearing test, diagnosis and treatment of snoring, aesthetic medicine and inpatient operations.

ENT specialist for children and adults, plastic operations and digital volume tomography

Dr. Alexander Sasse

Here particular emphasis is placed on treating the patient holistically. Not only the symptom is treated but also the possible cause of the disturbance which can sometimes be hidden deeply and may prove difficult to find.  No end of time and trouble is spared in doing so and use is made of comprehensive experience gained in diagnosis and therapy in holistic orthopedics

Specialist for orthopedics, accident surgery, manual medicine, natural medicine

Outpatient Surgical Centre, Bad Wörishofen

Dr. med. Wolfgang Lenz, Frau Monika Döring, Dr. med. Christine Döring-Coen

Specialists for ophthalmology, outpatient eye surgery, plastic-cosmetic surgery, complete spectrum of modern ocular diagnostics

The surgeries of these specialists are located within walking distance of the Sonnenhof:

Masur Implantation Centre

Dental surgeons Dr. Ralf Masur, Jan Märkle and Colleagues

The surgery’s own experience of over 4,000 successfully completed implantations per year guarantees sustainable security and a maximum in aesthetics. The effectiveness of the particularly gentle self-developed surgical methods has been confirmed on numerous occasions by the University of Munich.

Implantology, parodontology

Dr. med. Heinz Leuchtgens

Personal cure advisory service and compilation of the most effective Kneipp applications.

Specialist for general medicine, natural medicine, naturopathic treatment, balneology and medical climatology, aviation medicine

We will be pleased to supply further information regarding our Medical Spa offer. Simply phone us +49  8247 959 - 595.