Discover the sunny side of life.

Here you will get a peek into your feel-good holiday at the Sonnenhof. Look forward to a place of peace and relaxation, and to your individual time-out at the highest level.

The hotel's outdoor pool with sun loungers and forest in the background
Tables with chairs under parasols on the terrace
An open patio door from the outside A lady in a light-colored dress walks down the steps to the outdoor pool area
The Spahotel Sonnenhof at dusk with a fire in the outdoor pool
White Yamaha piano in the hotel restaurant Wood-paneled relaxation area with loungers and lights
Large pavilion with tables and chairs
Lobby with chandelier, carpeted floor and glass front furnished in elegant style.
Ein Drink mit Orangenschale im Kristallglas vor einer Tischlampe mit weißem Schirm
Dark gray room with double bed and carpeted floor
A black dining table with four chairs in the suite's living room
Set tables and the show kitchen at Restaurant Calla
A chef decorating the dishes
A waiter lifts the glass bell from the dessert as it is served
A culinary work of art on a black plate
Various spirits and glasses perched on plinths A metal Zantedeschie adorns the entrance to the hotel restaurant
Two guests eat the gourmet appetizers brought to the table
A table for two decorated with red flowers, set with two glasses of red wine and two dishes
Meat specialty with bread and red wine
A lady holds a glass of red wine with her dish
Menus are on the coffee tables
View through the French bistro
French wines on the wine shelf
Ein Tisch mit grünen Bänken direkt vor dem dekorativen Kaminfeuer
A lady in a black evening dress holds a glass of red wine in her hand
One hand holds the fork over the dessert A wall light with deer antlers as a candle holder on a wooden wall
Steak with rosemary in the pan
View between two trees through the King Ludwig Lounge
The King Ludwig Lounge with bar in the background
Portrait of King Ludwig on a beer mat
Modern wooden bar counter with blue ambient lighting
Set tables in the sunlit Kaiserin Elisabeth Restaurant with its glass front and skylights Buffet compartment for bread and pastries with wood-fired oven
A laid breakfast table with pastries, jams, fruit, fruit juices and flowers
Black fabric-covered seating area under a parasol at the edge of the outdoor pool A woman reads a magazine at the edge of the pool and dips her legs in the water
The hotel's outdoor pool with sun loungers and forest in the background
A swimmer in a sun hat relaxes in the pool at the edge of the pool
A hotel guest swims in the hotel's outdoor pool
A lady in a zebra-print swimsuit sits at the edge of the outdoor pool with an Aperol Spritz
Round indoor pool with a view through the window arches
A round indoor pool with loungers in the background
Steps into the indoor pool White mosaic shower with sun symbol
Loungers in the indoor pool of the Hotel Sonnenhof
A woman has her eyelashes glued on
Two hands stroke a back
An old couple walks through a field equipped with rucksacks
A woman meditates cross-legged on the grass in the park
Two cyclists ride along a road lined with birch trees
A couple stands in a stream and cools their feet