A range of cardio equipment from Technogym in the hotel gym

Fitness at the Sonnenhof

If just relaxing is not enough for you on holiday and you also want to be active, the Sonnenhof has something for you. Our wide range of fitness programmes offers something for everyone.

Our fitness area at a glance

Strength range

You can work out to your heart’s content in the hotel’s own gym at the Sonnenhof. The strength area has the latest sports equipment to strengthen your muscles and build up your strength. Put together your own workout programme or get advice from a trainer.

A guest pulls on the rowing machine

Cardio area

Endurance training strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves stamina and endurance. In our cardio area, you can use two stationary bikes, a rowing machine, a cross trainer and a treadmill. After so much power training, you can relax in one of our pools at the Sonnenhof Spa.

A guest with white sneakers gets on the stepper

Qionic vibration therapy

Qionic vibration training gets your body in top shape with vibrations that are easy on the joints. Gentle but effective, Qionic trains the deep muscles in a short time, increasing fat burning and boosting blood circulation. We will be happy to create a personalised training plan for you on request.

A lady in green training pants tries out our vibration plate

Our personal trainers are here for you

A man in a gray T-shirt pulls on the lat pull-down bar
A woman on the cross trainer

To help you find the best fitness programme for your individual needs, our expert trainers will be happy to advise you. They will help you with the exercises, explain how to use the equipment correctly and create your own training plan to help you achieve the best results.

Fitness classes for your well-being

For guests and day spa visitors, we offer aqua fitness and a variety of fitness classes up to twice a day. These are included in your stay. Day spa guests can also take part in the classes.

  • Strong back, flat stomach
  • Exercises to mobilise the spine
  • Body shaping, light exercises – figure shaping
  • Slim and fit with Pilates
  • Muscle training with the Staby method, kettlebells and dumbbells
  • Fascia gymnastics
  • Balance training
  • Rhythmic drumming
    • Instruction in the gym
    • Circuit training

    Back training strengthens your entire back and core muscles, mobilising your spine and alleviating or preventing back pain, working towards a healthy posture.

    Aqua fitness with jets, balls, water noodles or discs is a joint-friendly way to burn calories and strengthen your muscles. There’s also plenty of fun to be had in the water.

    Pelvic floor exercises, Pilates, etc.
    30 min.: € 50

    • 1 introductory Pilates lesson (45 min.)
    • 1 muscle training session using the Staby method (45 min.)
    • 2 holistic body workouts on the Qionic vibration device
    • 1 ST BARTH Softness Peeling
    • 1 aromatic oil massage (30 min.)

    Package price per person: € 205

    Train your whole body in a short space of time with gentle, joint-friendly vibrations that reach deep into the muscles.

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