A swimmer in a leopard bikini bathes in the indoor pool

Enjoy the soothing warmth

Especially in the cold season, you can recharge your batteries here and strengthen your immune system. Between saunas and baths, you can relax and enjoy the quiet moments in the relaxation area.

Take a sauna, sit back and switch off

Our modern sauna area allows you to relax in an exclusive ambience and choose your  favorite place from a wide range of saunas and steam baths to unwind and recharge.

Opening hours

  • 11am – 9pm

Finnish sauna

Our Finnish sauna which was expanded in summer 2022, revitalises your circulation at a temperature of around 90°C and stimulates your metabolism with infusions.

Wooden sauna at Hotel Sonnenhof with infusion system
A woman sits alone in the wooden sauna

Bio-sauna / Sanarium

The newly created bio-sauna is particularly beneficial. At around 60°C and with a particularly high humidity of 55%, you can relax without stressing your circulation and it is also kind to your skin.

Two saunas with open glass doors

Brine steam bath

In our brine steam bath, the finely atomised brine fills the room with a pleasant aroma. The healing effect on the skin and respiratory organs unfolds at just 42-45 °C. Due to the comparatively low temperatures, you can relax particularly well in our brine steam bath without straining your circulation.

Herbal steam bath at the Hotel Sonnenhof

Microsalt steam bath

Why go to the sea when you can have a wellness holiday in the Allgäu? The fine salt particles in the air cleanse the respiratory tract, making it easier to
breathe deeply and increasing your general sense of well-being. The more relaxed version of a beach holiday.

Steam bath at the Hotel Sonnenhof

Surge shower and ice fountain

After your sauna session, refresh yourself under the splash shower with crushed ice from our ice fountain. The health-promoting effect of the cold water after a sauna session is particularly high - and revitalising.

Eine gräulich verflieste Dusche Seating in the entrance area of the spa

Infrared cabin

The deep warmth of the infrared cabin begins to provide a variety of health benefits from 30°C upwards. The infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, strengthening the immune system and relaxing not only you but also your nervous system.

Light shines through wood
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