A person who feels well, 
 is beautiful


Beauty and Cosmetic in your Wellness Holiday

A person who feels well is beautiful. Perfectly naturally, from inside. What do you need to feel well? Our beauty team will take time to assist you. In this way, feeling well becomes a principle and beauty an experience.

Exclusive cosmetic treatment in Bad Wörishofen

On scarcely any other part of the body is the skin as sensitive as in the face. So that neither the effects of our environment nor the signs of the times have a chance to leave visible traces, the skin requires particular care. At the Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof you can choose from a variety of treatments: from classical facial treatment through to indulgent treatment with grape seed oil or other high quality exotic products.

For full body treatment there are special applications to choose from. From fresh sea salt oil peeling via moisturizing body packs which, with their scent, will carry you off to the Caribbean, through to treatment with algae extracts which strengthen connective tissue and trim the contours of the body.
Treat your hands and feet to a well-deserved respite and enjoy an exclusive manicure or pedicure. It is a fact that supple hands and feet do not appear by chance.
And, far from the hectic of daily stress, our hairdressers will provide you with a new style, fresh colouring or an extra portion of care. Fashionable, carefree or elegant, perfect cut or curls. An ideal idea is to combine your visit to the hairdresser’s with a facial makeup consultation with our beauty specialists.

At the Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof we use only high-quality grooming and cosmetic products, such as, for example, the brands of St Barth and Thalgo which are - naturally without tests on animals - manufactured from carefully compiled raw materials and subjected to the strictest dermatological compatibility tests and tests of their effectiveness.

We will be pleased to advise you and to plan your personal wellness plan together with you. Simply phone us at: +49 8247 959  595

An overview

In the following you will find our complete beauty and cosmetic program.

Thalgo basic facial treatment: 60 min. € 80.00

For an immaculate complexion: cleansing, peeling and eyebrow correction. Added to this a cleansing care or a constructive massage with mask.

Classic Thalgo Facial Care Treatment: 90 min. € 105.00

Cares for and cleanses face, throat and neckline: including eyebrow correction, cleansing, peeling, vapozone, removal of skin impurities, classic massage, mask and skin care cream.

St. Barth Freshness: 75 min. € 115.00

For freshness and vibrance: refreshing facial and neckline treatment with fresh papaya and cucumber mousse. Including hand peeling and hand massage.

St. Barth Facial and Neckline Treatment: 30 min. € 55.00

For a fresh, smooth skin. High quality skincare products with natural vitamins and minerals cleanse and stimulate the skin’s own activity.

: 120 min. € 160.00

: 80 min. € 120.00

: 60 min. € 100.00

Full-body Peeling: 25 min. € 45.00

Treatment which brings your skin to life: fresh sea salt-oil peeling, satin-like algae-cream peeling – choose your own favourite.

Thalgo Algae Body Package: 60 min. € 95.00

(Peeling, package and final care)
Freshness from the sea: minerals from real algae contribute moisture, have a tensioning effect and purge.

St. Barth Slimness: 30 min. € 55.00

For rapid relief and relaxation for tired and heavy legs. Ivy gel has a tensioning effect, menthol oil with camphor stimulates and invigorates stressed muscle groups.

Frigi-Thalgo: 50 min. € 80.00

Fires fat burning and makes your legs feel light: cool, wrap soaked with algae-camphor-menthol solution for a firmer silhouette.

St. Barth Sensation: 60 min. € 95.00

Caribbean beauty secret: finest, moisture spending body package plus massage with scented essences for silky skin.

Brush Massage: 30 min. € 50.00

Intensively invigorating for silky skin. The stimulating and taughtening brush massage in combination with nurturing oil brings new energy and makes skin radiant.

St. Barth Pureness: 60 min. € 95.00

The gentle, relaxing treatment of the face, the throat, the neckline, and the hands creates clear smooth and fresh skin. Including a caring hand massage. 

Spa Manicure: 45 min. € 50.00

Delicate, supple hands and beautiful nails are not something which comes by chance. Give some help – with a professional manicure.

Soothing Treatment for your Hands: 75 min. € 75.00

Complete program: soothing treatment for your hands with a manicure, paraffin bath, short massage and oil treatment for your nails. Makes your hands something to be proud of.

Spa Pedicure: 50 min. € 60.00

Well groomed feet are a must. Independent of whether you wear open or closed shoes. So treat yourself to a regular professional pedicure.

Gentle Treatment for your Feet: 80 min. € 80.00